Benefits Of lemongrass

The grass family has a lot to offer our body and throughout history, different types of perennial grasses have been used as medicine as well as in culinary preparations. lemongrass is in no way new to the market and it is one of the most popular versatile plants in the grass family. It has been used as a culinary herb in many Asian countries and forms part of the medicinal herbs in countries like India. Here are some of the benefits of lemongrass but first, a brief description of the plant:
What is lemongrass?
lemongrass (scientifically known as Cymbopogon) is a fragrant island tropical plant that occurs in the grass family. It is known to yield oil that has the same smell as lemon, albeit milder and sweeter in taste. lemongrass is used in culinary, medicine and perfumery. This perennial plant is native to many Asian, African and Australian regions. It can be used in its fresh state, dried or powdered.

What are the benefits?
The benefits of lemongrass are quite obvious and straightforward. Its citrus scent is the main reason why it is used in perfumery but the grass has more health benefits to offer. Some of the key benefits of lemongrass include the following;
• Improves digestion – lemongrass contains antiseptic compounds known to kill parasites and bad bacteria in the digestive tract while repopulating good bacteria in your colon. It thus promotes effective digestion and has been used to treat several digestive disorders such as constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, heartburn, flatulence, bloating, vomiting, stomach spasms and cramps. It also has antimicrobial properties and thus relieves gastroenteritis.

• Regulates cholesterol – Consuming lemongrass and its preparations results in anti-atherosclerosis and anti-cholesterol actions. It reduces absorption of cholesterol from the intestines while oxidizing LDL blood cholesterol. This in turn prevents the buildup of atherosclerotic plaque. With its high potassium content, it lowers and regulates blood pressure.

• Cleansing and detoxification – lemongrass has a diuretic nature that promotes healthy and frequent urination. This helps to remove toxins, uric acid and the bad cholesterol in the body. Drinking a cup of lemongrass tea will help you cleanse your kidney, liver, pancreas and bladder. It also provides other benefits of green tea.

• Antibacterial and antifungal – It will help you cope up with chills, cold, flu and such diseases. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties combined with its high Vitamin C content help boost your immunity to fight flu symptoms. It effectively breaks down mucus and phlegm leading to easy breathing. It is thus ideal for asthma and bronchitis patients.

There are many other benefits of lemongrass. Its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties can help soothe the pain of those suffering from arthritis. Studies have also shown that a unique compound called citral in lemongrass leads to cancer cells apoptosis without damaging healthy cells.

lemongrass has numerous benefits to the body and acts as both a stimulant and antidepressant. A cup of lemongrass tea can help you get rid of your low moods and has also been shown to improve breast milk production in nursing mothers. When shopping for lemongrass, ensure you make purchases from credible licensed businesses that can guarantee top quality fresh products.