The Benefits of Schisandra Berries

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    Schisandra berries are one of the most highly prized tonic herbs used in the Chinese medicine system, and they are also one of the ingredients contained in our Teatox Twist tea blend. Schisandra berries are

    Teatox Twist Logo

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    Logo developed for Teatox Twist

    Teatox Twist Blend

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    This is the formulation and blend of Teatox Twist. Teatox Twist 28 Day Plan   An expertly blended, great tasting Detox Tea drink! Take one cup per day.   Ingredients:   Oolong Tea (Contains caffeine).

    Benefits Of Lemongrass

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    Benefits Of lemongrass The grass family has a lot to offer our body and throughout history, different types of perennial grasses have been used as medicine as well as in culinary preparations. lemongrass is in