Are you still combating the belt stretching effects of the festive season? Is the scale going too far to the right for your liking? It’s hard to keep up with your exercise regimen and stick to that healthy diet when you have so many engagements and responsibilities synonymous with modern lifestyles, and this can leave you stressed out and exhausted. A great detox is what everyone is recommending, but these routines sometimes take more time than you have to give, and that pastry starts to look like the easier option! Teatox tea to the rescue!


Teatox tea is a great tasting tea made from Chinese Oolong and blended with several health boosting herbs. Teatox offers a 28 day plan, which is one cup of delicious cleansing tea daily. The tea is blended by master tea specialists based in Kent, England, and packaged into biodegradable pyramid shaped teabags for your convenience. Teatox offers this brilliant detox tea that not only cleanses but is also great for weight loss.


The primary ingredient in Teatox is Chinese Oolong tea leaves, a delicious and aromatic fruity blend that provides high levels of antioxidants, soothes and calms the mind while also that providing energy to boost your performance at work, at school or anywhere else for that matter. Oolong tea provides essential vitamins and nutrients, boosts immune levels (reducing chronic health conditions like heart disease and other chronic illnesses), promotes stronger bones and healthy looking youthful skin and provides you with all day natural energy. Wake up to a cup of Oolong and feel both mentally and physically prepared to take on the entire world, if that is your desire.


The other herbal ingredients of Teatox include Lemongrass, Fennel and Schisandra berries, among others, renowned for their ability to calm and focus the mind, promote fat metabolism, purify and regulate internal systems, flush out nasty toxins and aid in weight loss. For best results it is recommended to reduce your sugar and alcohol intake while detoxing, however, there is no need to drastically alter your daily routine to still get the health benefits of Teatox tea.


Whether you are looking to lose weight or flush your system, for men and women, Teatox is definitely for you. You can purchase directly from Amazon Prime for fast and simple delivery straight to your door. Order today!