Schisandra berries are one of the most highly prized tonic herbs used in the Chinese medicine system, and they are also one of the ingredients contained in our Teatox Twist tea blend. Schisandra berries are considered a tonic herb, which means they can be safely consumed on a daily basis with no negative side effects. Tonic herbs also have an accumulative effect; which means that the more you take it, the more effective the herb will be as it will have a chance to accumulate in your system.


Schisandra berries are so highly prized within the Chinese medicine system because they are believed to benefit the entire body and every organ, whereas other herbs will specifically target certain organs or areas of the body. Schisandra berries are able to penetrate into all systems of the body and have a very healing effect on the lungs, liver and kidneys, which makes this herb extremely potent and beneficial for health.


“Wu Wei Zi” is what this herb is known as in the Chinese medicine system, and this translates to “five flavour fruit”. This is a very unique quality of this herb, as it contains all the 5 different flavours in one berry; these flavours being salty, sour, sweet, bitter and metallic. It is very rare for one type of food or herb to contain all of these different flavours, which only adds to the magic of this incredible herb.


Schisandra is also an adaptogenic herb, which means that it has the ability to help us self-regulate and handle stressful situations better. It helps to reduce stress, create feelings of calm and greatly enhances mental clarity and focus. Adaptogenic herbs are herbs, which are able to adapt to the needs of our bodies. This means that if we need energy, they will energize us, and if we need to calm down, they will provide a calmative effect.


Schisandra has long since been considered the ultimate beauty herb and has been consumed by women in China since ancient times for its beauty enhancing and longevity effects. It is also extremely beneficial for cardiac health, liver health, detoxing, regenerating, lung health, kidney health, reducing the effects of stress and helping to decrease the amount of radiation in our bodies that we absorb through cellphones, Wi-Fi, radio signals etc. This wonderful and powerful herb has been used for thousands of years and now it has finally made its way into the Western world.